Welcome Centers


Welcome Centers Can Provide the Following...

  • A Non-threatening way for a first-time guest to get information and/or visit with a receptionist.
  • A place that gives a first-time guest or newcomer something to do
    while they are waiting for someone in the church to notice them and engage in conversation.
  • A place for people to pick up printed literature to give to a friend or neighbor;
    items such as brochures and information about seasonal activities and events.
  • A place for people to browse and find something that interests them.
  • A place where people can...
    *     Ask questions
    Get directions
    Make connections
    Select printed literature about your church ministries and current programs 
    seasonal activities and events, and much more.

Your Welcome Center is also for people who have not been attending
for an extended period of time due to:

•        Work schedule.
•        Health issues.
•        Family crisis,
•        Retirement - doing a lot of traveling.
•        Snowbirds – living in different area during the winter months.

Job Description for Welcome Center Coordinator

Coordinate coverage ; develop a schedule and distribute to all the volunteer hosts.
Inform the scheduled volunteers, each week, of any pertinent information.
Responsible for tidiness and cleanliness of the welcome center.
Check the bulletin to see if all order forms or brochures or registration sign-up sheets mentioned in the bulletin are at the Welcome Center.
Clean and maintain the brochure displays and supplies.
Evaluate and continually improve the Welcome Center's effectiveness.
Monitor the volunteers and provide coaching to improve service provided.


Job Description for Welcome Center Host
The purpose of this position is to assist guests, newcomers and your church family by providing information. 
Welcome Center hosts are often one of the first people a guest or newcomer may meet and connect with.  
Welcome center hosts are representing your church and your church family.

  • Arrive at least twenty minutes before the worship service and remain at the Welcome Center about five – ten minutes after worship starts to assist the late arrivals.
  • Present a friendly and positive attitude; initiate conversations, be comfortable talking with and assisting people you are meeting for the first time.
  • Be familiar with the church programs and ministry leaders in your congregation so you are able to connect and introduce those who may be new to your church.
  • Be familiar with the church buildings so you can direct guests appropriately.
  • Familiarize yourself with the current literature in the Welcome Center.
  • Wear a name tag.   Offer name tags to guests and newcomers.
  • Encourage guests to sign your church’s guest book or fill out a guest card.
  • Be prepared to respond to questions guests may have about your church, your ministry programs, and information about your denomination, etc.
  • Follow up with visitors after the worship service.


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