Chapter Descriptions


1.   The Ministry of Hospitality

Introduces the language of hospitality, discusses empathy and compassion, the many reasons people may be guests in your church, and asks the question ~~ “Does God send guests to your church?”


2.   Welcoming Your Guests

Identify the people in your church who make preparations to receive your guests; how you prepare your facilities, and how you equip the people who receive your guests.


3.   Your Welcome Center Ministry

Discusses the importance of welcome centers; steps for setting up a welcome center, job descriptions for welcome center hosts, items for the welcome center and a process to learn from the guests and newcomers…”How can we help you?”


4.   Responding to Your Newcomers

Discusses the challenge of being a newcomer, ways to get acquainted with them; respond to the “reason” they are in your church, and help them make connections.


5.   Communicate With Your Guests and Newcomers

Consider their needs and concerns; communicate so they know you care about them.


6.   Review Your Current Hospitality Reality

Discusses hospitality teams and job descriptions; provides several ways to review and evaluate what your team does; and discuss ways to be more effective.


7.   Leadership: Equip and Empower Your People

Discuss the many aspects of leadership: how to work within the organization of your church; the working styles of others; the skills and collective potential of your team; efficient and productive meetings; planning and leading hospitality seminars/workshops. 















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