Leadership and Women’s Ministries

The following is a table of contents for a leadership workshop for women.

Approximate time is 2 - 3 hours.  Or, it can be customized to be shorter.


1.   Leadership is…...

2.   Leadership Qualities.

3.   The Big Picture – Understand it and Work Within it.

4.   Working With People.

5.   People:  Focus on Tasks, Adapting Styles, Positive Outcomes.

6.   Communication - It's Really Important!

7.   Teams That are Effective.

8.   Change and Resistance to Change.

9.   Getting Ready To Make Changes.

10.  Meetings.

11.  Leading Meetings That are Efficient and Productive.

12.  What People Want From Their Leaders.

13.  The Next Step is Yours.



Keep People in the Loop!

Keep Them Informed.














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