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~ Church Office Manager ~

Empower Pastors & the People

Doing the Ministry of Your Church
by Louella Gleason Hext  (lghext@yahoo.com;  
The Dalles, Oregon)


  • Are you looking for a book to help you be more effective and efficient
    in your church office? 
  • Do you want to provide a more user-friendly church office?
  • Are you looking for ways to communicate more effectively?
  • Do you need some forms or checklists - but don't have time to create them? 

This book will help you. 

Scroll down and see the table of contents and my "list of lists".


Table of Contents for Church Office Manager.  Click here.


List of information that will be helpful to the new pastor.  Click here.


List of  items in the appendix: forms checklists, questionnaires, etc.   Click here.


This book is designed so you can go directly to any chapter

that interests you without having to read the previous chapters.



Workshops and Seminars -  Topics:

  • Your church office  (2 or 3 hours). 
    or pastors, secretaries, office volunteers, and personnel committee members. 
  • Leadership for Women - (2 hours - 3 hours).
  • Hospitality and welcoming - various lengths of time -- can be custom designed.

Questions?  email:  lghext@yahoo.com

The Dalles, Oregon





Welcome!  We Know You're Here For a Reason


 Respond to your Guests and Newcomers with the Message... "We're glad you're here!   How can we help you?"

by Louella Gleason Hext  

lghext@yahoo.com;  The Dalles, Oregon


  • Are you looking  for a book to help you to re-energize your hospitality process?
  • Do you want to have discussions about hospitality but not sure how to get it started?
  • Do you want to hold a workshop about hospitality but need some resources?

This book will help you. 

Scroll down and see the table of contents and my "list of lists".



Hospitality: Chapter descriptions.  Click Here.


Click Here to see a list of discussion guides, charts, checklists, questionnaires and much more.


This book about hospitality is for ~~

  • Church staff.
  • Church leaders.
  • Your hospitality team.
  • The people in your congregation who are interested in responding to the needs and concerns of the guests and newcomers attending your church.


Do you think God sends visitors

to your church?





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